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7 strikeouts.

The Pirates traded Adam LaRoche this week and I was happy they did. I couldn't stand that asshole.

If another person walks into Borders and asks what store their in I might stab them.

I have no idea where my money went.

The Palm Pre kinda sucks. It's fine for texting but there are no applications on it worth a damn. They best one I've found is mCraig and that's only because I found a job on it that may or may not be a scam.

I'm going to the fucking wave pool tomorrow with Maxx and his new wife. I'm pretty excited. I hope there are a gaggle (that's right, a gaggle. Fuck you.) of sluts who like dudes with hobo beards and shitty tattoos.

But I know a lady that likes that shit and she's aces in my book, so it'd be nice if she got better with the quickness so I could see her.

I have a new job where I just take pictures of event boards in hotels... I swear to God it's a real job. I feel like I'm a better man than most because I can actually say I have two jobs and am a full time student. You may all get on your knees and inhale my penis.

I've had Natalie Imbruglia's Torn stuck in my head for the last week.

I am apparently gay.

Crap bag.

I've gotten maybe 4 hours of sleep in the last two days. I feel like shit and my tummy hurts. The two might be related... I don't know. I went to bed Monday night with shorts on and woke up with them in the floor. Funny thing is it's the second time this has happened to me. I'm starting to think someone is coming in my room and sexually assaulting me. I hope he's gentle.

F U N.

My dog ate my bed... I'm not lying.

I want either a Wall-E or Toy Story tattoo.

4-H camp is full of underage whores.

You're fucking out!

Radar Love is the single best song ever fucking written. If you don't think it is then you can go eat a big fat dick.

Why yes, I am pregnant.

I sold my clean piss for lunch this week. I'd like to think this is the start of my new career.

I downloaded the new dredg record and it's pretty badass. Not as good as Catch Without Arms but still good.

I really want to make another movie soon so if anyone wants to help me out with it (like act in it) please let me know. More than likely it'll be really weird but probably funny.
I have a job. I am no longer a total worthless piece of shit.


I got my Captain America tattoo started Tuesday... I'll never have sex again.

I have a second interview with Borders tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I'll get the job. The lady that I talked to yesterday loved me but who can really blame her? I'm pretty much the most amazing man to ever interview for a part time job at Borders in the Charleston Town Center.


I'm sorry for everything I've ever done to you. I hope we can still be friends.

Yeah, it was me.

Every day that I don’t start drinking is a miracle to me. Everything just pisses me off and I’m tired of dealing with it. I hate the fact that I keep setting this lofty expiations and goals for myself and I never come close to reaching them. I hate a lot of the people I know and their bullshit. I can’t stand living at home anymore... I don’t want to wake up one morning and want to stab my family in the face to get them to shut the fuck up and I know that it’s going to come to that if I don’t leave here soon. I ran out of medicine today so that really isn’t going to help matters at all.

I need to go to bed but I can’t calm down long enough to fall asleep. My mind just keeps going and going. All I can do is think about all the horrible shit I’ve done lately and how I keep letting people down. I really wish I had someone to talk to but no one wants to hear me bitch. No one wants to hear my problems. They all just want me dead.